each day with

the Sheva Method


is a unique,

intuitive healing technique that initiates the power of self-healing 

and vitality through the chakra system.

It activates the body’s natural energy systems using movement, meditation and intuition.

Clients experience the healing energy of love to remove barriers that inhibit living a life of joy, superior health and purpose.  

Abstract Background

Eliminate barriers.
Regain Vitality.

What would it be like to feel:

  • more grounded

  • more creative

  • more trusting

  • more loving

  • more communicative

  • more whole

  • more sure of yourself

Get ready to rediscover joy and zest for life by breaking through the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual barriers that have been keeping you stuck. Stagnant energy can cause physical, mental and emotional pain. 

The SHEVA Method teaches you how to connect with your energy through the secrets of ancient wisdom with a modern day holistic approach. Fran Bailey's easy to follow choreography guides you through a sequence of movements that initiates self-healing to naturally restore energetic flow.


The Sheva Method utilizes ancient healing systems dating back centuries to help solidify the intuitive body work. Meridians, Chakras, and Pressure Points are systems used throughout many cultures to help increase harmony and flow of 'Chi', 'Ki', 'Qi' or what I and many others call energy.


Energetic pathways throughout the body.

These pathways connect the organs to transport energy to our extremities. 



Circular wheels that run along the spine that transmit and receive energy.

Reference The Sheva Method map for more details about each of the seven chakras.



Using the finger tips to release impeded energy by activating specific acupressure points.

For example, at the fourth chakra is the accu-touch point CV-17. We can stimulate this point to release emotion and breathe more deeply and freely.


"In her technique, Fran uses acupressure points and chakra centers, movement and gesture, posture and focus, with the ultimate effect of enhancing function and enhancing awareness of self as both a core of flesh (bone, muscle, sinew) and a field of energy."

Dr. Susy Kramer

Medical Acupuncture

Tap into ancient wisdom

Discover secrets to experience harmony in every area of your life. 

With the all new ​​online, at home SHEVA Experience, Fran will guide you through this innovative self-healing technique to restore flow in mind, body, heart and spirit.

One way the method activates the flow of energy is by stimulating accu-touch points.

Deborah, a dancer and internationally certified yoga teacher shares how this technique incorporates these ancient systems to deepen the mind-body connection.

"Fran is a lovely, gentle and positive teacher. She has taken her dance background, added in years of energy work to develop an exciting new method for exploring the mind body connection. I have worked with her for years and this new platform makes The Sheva Method so much more accessible for those of us who work odd hours. I feel so much more grounded and calm after completing a session...."



Self - Healing Technique

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15 minute Audio Stream


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Utilize all of


Body is your Temple

Connect to the divine within.

In 'Body is Your Temple', Fran gracefully guides you through understanding the systems within the body that assist in self-healing.