With this Super New Moon being the closest to the earth all year it will magnify the Libra aspects of balance, fairness and unity consciousness. It’s a time to focus on the the duality of the masculine and feminine within ourselves. This study of reflection of our inner world lays a seed of intention around the meaning of our relationships with self, partners, friends and the divine. As we observe these illusions, consider what Shiva represents as “The Destroyer,” deconstructing the old energy to make space for the new.  Over the past several months, we have been witnessing how hate keeps us separated. With this unity consciousness we can acknowledge the ignorance and illusion we live in and how it keeps us separated from each other. Ultimately it is our ignorance that creates hate, fear and separation. Connecting to the idea of collective shifting warrants surrendering to the graceful rhythm of the universe through the light of divine love. Can you relax in the flow of current change without anticipating the future? Arcturus is the third largest North Star in the universe known as “The Guardian of the Great Bear”. Arcturus creates a portal through which light enters our universe to operate as a means to balance and upgrade collective conscious energy through the higher dimensions of love.  SUGGESTION: If resistance to personal and global transformation is present — be patient — nurture yourself with kindness and love while being compassionate with not only yourself, but to those around you.  Believe and trust the intuition you have acquired through your own meditation practice as a tool to continue on the path of transformation. Follow your heart! Follow your vision! Stay awake while using safety measures and please continue to clear Karma... With love, Fran ©️ SHEVA LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. #Unity #Oneness #Shiva #SHEVA #Consciousness #LoveNotHate

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