We are emerging into a new reality — how do you choose to make this pivotal change in your personal life? This is the third Super New Moon of the year in Scorpio and signifies the final unfolding before the rebirth. The intensity of the Scorpion energy guides us into looking deeply into the murky waters as our emotions come to the surface and reveal the truth. We are being beckoned to remember that things are always changing and this is a ti

me to really embrace the deep emotional healing that ourselves, our country and our planet are experiencing.

However you are being guided through this time, allow the deepest of fears, loves, hopes, dreams to rise up and into a new place of awareness. Scorpio is represented by the Scorpion as well as the Phoenix, both have the same ability to transform. The Scorpion sheds its skin and the Phoenix learns how to rise from the ashes…What are you ready to shed in order to rise through the ashes of doubt, fear and disbelief to create a new state of consciousness, where dreams, hopes and love can manifest?

This past year of 2020 has taught us so much about our own struggles, fears, uncertainty and instability! What an opportune time it has been to understand that we don’t have control over everything, but we have the power to choose how we show up and respond. Furthermore, in unprecedented times coming to recognize that we are not our emotions or our story but we are here to experience them as we travel through this journey called life. Lastly, accepting that through these emotions art is created, passion for life invigorated and love expanded if we are willing!

SUGGESTION: Imagine your thoughts, feelings and emotions playing on a private speaker in front of you. What do you notice being amplified? Now, imagine the music synchronizing in harmony that breaks the patterns which don’t feel right, sound right or fit right anymore. Allow the music to shift to a tune that you’ve been waiting to dance to all of your life. With this new frequency consider what you are willing to broadcast and share with the world…. Rise Up!




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