🌑 Super New Moon in Virgo: New Waves of Wisdom

As we move towards the Aquarian Age beginning in December — we are finishing up 2020 with more discernment, wisdom and a broader perspective of ourselves and the world. With Mercury ruling earthly Virgo as well as this Super New Moon it’s influence entails supporting a fresh start and new beginnings.  With Virgo we may have an enormous amount of positive energy.  During this time, it is vital to nurture the body and reboot with a new physical routine to support these grounded inspirational changes. Libra (air sign) season begins on the Autumn Equinox September 22nd, where there are equal hours of night and day. The Equinox is a powerful day where the veil between dimensions becomes more thin. During the Equinox, it’s a great time to implement change.  Remember what you have learned in the past six months as a new wave of wisdom expands your creative drive to manifest your deepest dreams into reality. How can you use your imagination and intuition in conjunction with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself to solidify your long term plans? The stabilizing and balancing energy of Libra will help foster courage to look beyond the horizon to see what is visible in your near future.... SUGGESTION: Consider this intrinsic biological, social and personal motivation as a powerful new wave of innate strength. As we take flight toward the Aquarian Age in December we are witnessing these changes collectively world wide. Let’s embrace Great Spirit, Divine Energy, and Love for unifying us so these shifts can occur as we go beyond judgement.  Love, Fran


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