During this cycle with the New Moon in Gemini, (the sign of the mind) is an opportune time to re-evaluate our communication and social skills to create more truth and passion in how and what we are saying. Often times the New Moon is about going within to look at the shadows of our own heart and soul. This New Moon is challenging us to stand up and speak up to what we really believe to be our truth and not be afraid of what we desire. If we can be honest with ourselves and trust in this potent energy to make the important changes in our lives — the possibilities are endless.

According to Rory Duff, a Geologist and Geobiologist believes there are rapid changes happening on earth. He believes that the ley-lines on earth are increasing our frequencies to amplify and support our shift in consciousness. Ley-lines are mystical alignments like meridians which carry energy through the body. These earth energy lines are thought to carry positive or negative energy and are more powerful when multiple converge in a single place. Rory Duff explains further the classification of ley-lines, earth energy lines and nodes here.

This is an excellent time to look at the bigger picture and use the divine energy to view your choices through an optimistic eye. Let your self-talk include joy in the human experience while allowing yourself to express how you really feel. This inspiring energy can assist you in taking action and responsibility to create the reality you wish to walk in.

Suggestion: To observe and improve our communication skills we can use this new moon energy to really listen to others point of view or story while sharing our own journeys to express with an open mind and heart. Step back and take advantage of this time by choosing to agree to trust in your own intuition and abilities to make the shifts you need to make to experience harmony in energy, voice and action. Allow that positive energy of change to embrace you and surround yourself with like people supporting each other in making a difference in this world.




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