After months of being in limbo, we are shifting into a higher frequency as we venture into 2021. The birth of a New Consciousness is being accelerated by this potent Total New Moon Solar Eclipse. Now is the time to confidently set our trajectory for the next six months to focus on the positive path we have designed for our future. It’s like we've been quietly rehearsing for months in preparation for a successful Broadway production to begin. What are the feelings heading into the final rehearsals, is it excitement, love, gratitude, or fear of failure, jealousy, and anxiety?

In any production there are bad rehearsals with resistance in many forms being prevalent. In 2020, we have had a concentrated year of resistance while bringing truth behind the curtain to center stage. Covid has taught us how to stay focused and centered on our inner monologue as we reevaluate the next act of our lives.

It’s not surprising, yet incredible to me, how the power of the universe is at play right now. The planets and stars will be lining up perfectly during The Winter Solstice on December 21st, creating a New Paradigm as we enter The Age of Aquarius. Ancient prophets have foreseen this crescendo energy shifting our planet and our lives! From the Hopi Indian’s to the Elders in Australia and The Mayan’s, there will be many ceremonies on this day all over the world to welcome this new energy.

Are you ready for this quantum leap? With The Aquarian Age we are accelerating into the future with a new emerging world view and a higher frequency of consciousness centered around collaboration. Be mindful that there may still continue to be waves of resistance along the way — stay in your center.

SUGGESTION: Continue to meditate, ground, and breathe through your heart. Imagine for the next act creating a new qualitative energy full of vitality that nourishes you in each moment knowing that you will give it your all. The audience will feel your radiant energy as you fulfill your dreams and share your love! Love always reflects Love….

Applause! Applause!

Happy Holidays!



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