October ends as it began with another Full Moon illuminating Halloween night. We can all Howl at the Blue Full Moon as the veil between our world and the spirit world is thin and permeable. Heightened emotions may arise because of world uncertainties and may be fueled by this full moon forming an exact conjunction with radical Uranus in Taurus!

Uranus is all about being a maverick by assertively breaking down in order to facilitate breakthrough, whereas Taurus is all about no sudden change, security, and permanence. There is a good chance that some shocking news may come to expose the truth subsequently casting an aura of uncertainty and possibly election delays. We can react to the triggers and feed into the heightened emotions or use the grounded solar energy of Taurus to stabilize our emotions to carefully step back, through or around any uncomfortable conversations!

If Halloween represents an exercise in how we see through the illusionary existence in life — let’s see if we can unmask the truth. There is a light shining on each of us to be receptive to more dimensions of reality than we currently perceive. It’s only through our capability of self awareness that we can experience more light and love to supersede the lower denser energies of fear.

As this transitional year comes to a close we all could use some comic relief along with a new and improved form of peaceful communication, wouldn’t you agree? The choices we make now are extremely important for our future working together in unity! With enough positive energy we can change our temperament to connect to the inner most part of us manifesting positive change, as Candace Pert  author of Molecules of Emotion says, “Your mind is in every cell of your body. “ She further elaborates that, “Love often leads to healing, while fear and isolation breed illness. And our biggest fear is abandonment.”

SUGGESTION: Imagine what mask that you might let go of to experience more love? What is it that your afraid of that’s keeping you from letting go?




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