Gemini emphasizes the concept of duality which symbolically is represented with its twin sign. During this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the Gemini aspect may place an air of insecurity in conversation and communication questioning our choices. More secrets may be revealed further exposing corruption with our dysfunctional political powers increasing insecurity! Unquestionably this is a test to stay awake and maintain focus on the positive change that will inevitably come. We must stay on track and not let distraction or indecisiveness rule our attention during the last stages of 2020. It’s imperative to continue to work on our relationships and our own biases.

When the Lunar Eclipse occurs on a Full Moon it activates a strong emotional release while viewing our future and our past. This rare occurrence could amplify tension and stress — signifying areas with opportunity for huge transformation in our lives. The past six months we have been in a heavy mind game with a multitude of planets in retrograde, all planets are now direct giving us a clear path to move forward.

There is a glimpse into the light as we move towards 2021, on the First of December, Mercury the ruler of Gemini is moving into Sagittarius creating a deep connection to the Spiritual realm for an awakening to the Oneness of Source. Currently, we are facing an evolutionary jump and it’s up to us to decide the trajectory moving forward. By using our wisdom, power and dynamic energy collectively we can transform our structures, our society and our lives. It’s time to have closure with what keeps dislocating us from ourselves and each other and trust the next evolutionary process. No more waiting let’s agree to do this!

SUGGESTION: Stay away from news that is intentionally confusing and fact check if needed. Consider, ‘How will I project and preserve my attention?’ ‘Will I continue to rest in anger, confusion and fear or will I share and embrace the higher frequencies of courage, hope and love?’

The world is waiting…

Thanks for your continued support and have a blessed holiday.




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