A fiery centered creative heart is being encouraged with this Full Moon in Leo. With it comes a welcomed increase of excitement and exhilarating change of inspiration. It’s a wonderful time to move forward and manifest your accomplishments through a new venture. Along with this confidence there may be insecure feelings that arise. If any confusion, or doubt crosses your path or if fears creep in, find a way to consciously release your internal conflict, like a wolf howling at the moon. Most importantly, trust your instinct to make clear decisions. Use your creative and courageous power like that of the Leo lion to implement your talents and goals.

Remember, that we are still in this revolutionary state of transition as chaos persists around us and inevitable changes will continue with the Awakening of The Aquarian Age. As we walk the path of personal truth, remember to focus diligently on what’s in your heart without getting caught up in negativity. Currently, there seems to be three layers of reality we are navigating through that effect the decisions we make. First, our personal perceptions. Secondly, the continuous outside negative drama that creates a lower frequency that consequently arises doubt of the probability of the third reality of higher consciousness. Think carefully about what kind of world we want to create and what people we are attracting. It is up to us choose our own reality.

SUGGESTION: Use the leadership aspect of Leo to create your own reality anchored in your heart. Be courageous in moving away from illusions that require negative attention. In your journey moving forward keep the space around you sacred to use your power with grace and dignity. Listen to the universal messages through your dreams and have faith you will attract the right people to help manifest your soul’s purpose and synchronize with the higher good.





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