Have you ever had a dream or thought that was so profound that it provided exactly what you needed at the time? Do you think it is possible that you could tap in to more of these profound thoughts or messages to understand the synchronicity of life? This past year I believe we have witnessed some amazing and powerful energetic shifts individually and collectively. If a thought or phrase persists more than three times that can be a clue to see if there might be a message for you.

Recently for me, I felt a little off — very hazy — like something was shifting but wasn’t sure what. I trusted that some sort of message would emerge and allow rather than resist the feeling. So I let it go….

Meanwhile, the phrase “Purple Haze” kept repeating in my head from the song by Jimi Hendrix — after crossing my mind a couple of times, I looked up the lyrics to see if anything would strike me:

“Purple haze all in my brain

Lately, things just don't seem the same

Acting funny, but I don't know why

Excuse me while I kiss the sky”

After reading these lyrics, I felt a synchronicity and belonging that brought me back to earth with less worry and chose to enjoy life as it is. This moment is a prime example of what intuitive healing is all about — listening to the moments that can lead to insight and subsequently realignment in the present moment. I feel very strongly that we all are connecting more to our intuitive capabilities to provide the answers to the ‘why’ questions of life. I know this is true for myself, as an intuitive healer, my skills are becoming more fine-tuned in this funny time we are living in.

Remember to have fun and listen to your inner thoughts and dreams, they may provide a simple answer for you. It’s pretty cool stuff and it can be that simple! What’s the realization for me, you’re wondering… I will be shifting from doing a bi-monthly writing for the new moon and full moon to more spontaneous writings like this. My focus this year has been capturing The SHEVA Method on video and it has turned out to be a time consuming project to deliver a finely tailored product of my life’s work since 2002. Furthermore, the moments I feel the intuitive hits are what I feel strongly about and enjoy sharing most with you.

If you’ve become accustomed to the blogs, there are plenty of other resources available online that can provide perspective for you such as Pam Gregory, here.

So, excuse me while I kiss the sky....




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