We are being guided with two energies during this August Full Moon, one being the proud extroverted Leo Sun and the other is the introverted Aquarius Moon. The former is encouraging us to be bold, daring and brave while the latter values independence, unity consciousness and global community! On one hand they may seem conflicting; However, if we focus on both of these qualities with our clear intentions we can move forward co-creating with great speed. Retreat from the chaos and allow the light of the full moon to inspire your dreams to create a healthy vision personally and collectively.

The world right now questions us as to what is real and what is not. As a global community we are all seeking the truth and more space to receive divine love. What we started working on during the New Moon cycle on July 20th continues through this contemplation of truth. As light continues to shine on all forms of injustice, what’s no longer serving us personally and collectively will collapse. It’s time to integrate higher frequencies of a new Galactic consciousness to unfold a whole new heart center for humanity.

SUGGESTION: As you embody new energies, trust and accept the speed of which changes may occur physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Be bold and be brave with Intention! Consider what must occur to live as a global community and what values personally and collectively would be necessary to work as one.

It’s imperative to understand the impact of our intentions, as we evaluate our intentions personally and collectively, I would recommend Lynne McTaggart’s work about “The Field”. There will be an audio version sent out with my newsletter on Monday, August 3rd — visit FranBailey.net to register.




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