When two new moons occur in the same solar month, the second one is known as a black moon. June 21st is the first new moon in this cycle which is about contemplating any necessary changes while the second new moon on July 20th signifies the birth of new beginnings which may provide an impetus for embracing a fresh start.

As we all have been reevaluating our lives — there is certainly a desire for more solid ground. With the Sun and Moon in the house of Cancer during this new moon, there may be an emotional crescendo — with the opportunity to confidently create new beginnings for long-lasting change. Now that Mercury has gone direct after the Retrograde you may notice you are moving with less resistance.

SUGGESTION: Watch your actions and observe if you are giving your power away. Do what’s necessary to commit and stay focused on the desire for truth and feeling it in your heart. Watch the shifts unfold naturally as you embody a higher frequency of love.

Accelerate your own awakening by choosing a commitment to recognizing the presence of truth. Doing this individually, we can collectively raise the bar for long lasting change that could provide the nourishment we are all looking for. As you experience this new beginning contemplate how you will create your circumstances to bring you more energy, love, truth and authentic power.

We are at a tipping point of accelerating our awakening with the undeniable and prominent desire for collective truth. The watery sign of Cancer represents the divine feminine focusing on the heart center while providing the courage and resilience required to listen to the hearts intelligence. Let’s commit to rising above the low lying energies of the circumstances around us all.




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