From the New Moon blog two weeks ago the theme was looking at our crossroads and what choices needed to be made to commit to change. This Aquarian Full Moon energy asks us to look beyond our personal needs and focus on the humanitarian aspect of ourselves as we connect to our role in the larger picture. As Rumi said, “yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world, today I

am wise so I am changing myself.” Staying on the path of self-discovery and truth is far more energetic than hanging on to misery. Imagine that as we let go of our own suffering of the past others are too. There is an opportunity to find the healer in ourselves with the heart of Leo as the sun sign and the free thinking spirit of Aquarius as the moon sign. During this full moon, we can access this radiant divine spark of energy to discover our role in an evolving world, as we release and/or heal. Quan Yin is a female Buddha circa 400 AD who hears the cries of the world. She is often seen holding a jug of water providing for those in need. Right now her energy seems to be more present. For more about Quan Yin, you can read about her on page 57 in my new book, Emergence: www.franbailey.net/emergence SUGGESTION: Trust in your own spiritual truth and try to get a sense of this new energy supporting the unconditional love that you can share and receive. Step away from needing to control and assume nothing while surrendering to your own evolution so that you can light up the world with your own radiant divine spark. Love, Fran ⓒ Copyright SHEVA LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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