New Moon in Leo July 31st: A Bold Direction

New Moon in Leo July 31st: A Bold Direction

July has been intense with our energy being spread thin. Now there is a prime opportunity to embody a new kind of leadership with the bold and courageous energy of Leo stepping in to assist us in manifesting a bold new direction.

Mercury Retrograde has caused us to pause, it goes stationary August first; However, there is still a shadow period so be cautious not to jump to conclusions. Stay focused on your direction and honor your own intuition to create the next step with clarity. On August 8th you might feel ready to step into and embody a leadership role you’ve been envisioning. The fire of Leo is calling us out to learn how to act with honor. If you choose to do so, by mid August you may be delighted of where you are.

SUGGESTION: Now is a perfect time to align your thoughts with the feelings in your body and heart to focus on the truth of what is most important to you. Give yourself space to nourish the inspiration within to confidently build the courageous life you are seeking..




#clarity #manifesting #courage #newmoon #mercuryretrograde #leadership #honor #intuition #theshevamethod

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