🌑 New Moon Total Solar Eclipse July 2nd in Cancer: Nurturing Endings and Beginnings

The intensity you might be feeling heading into July is correlated with the two eclipses this coming month, first a Total Solar Eclipse on July 2nd and a Lunar Eclipse on July 16th. While intense, it’s an ideal time to nurture the beginning of a new cycle and let go of what’s not serving you while embracing the unknown. The nurturing aspect of Cancer can assist these eclipse phases to compliment your new goals as you search for and discover inventive ways to move forward. With intention, imagine what you can create over the next six months leading up to the solar eclipse on December 26th, 2019.

The solar eclipse will amplify the energy of the new moon as Earth will be in the shadow of the moon making it a very beneficial time to go within and view your dreams in a different light. This buzzing creative energy can stimulate the inner voice with integrity, wisdom and clarity to help manifest your gifts and share with the rest of the world.

SUGGESTION: What gifts are you ready to bring to light? What and/or who is ready to go so you can reset and expand your purpose and mission?

This intensity will help you to unhook those clinging energies that bind you! Listen, feel and absorb your natural instinct as you observe in nature the message it is providing for you to discover and honor your highest good. Share with family and friends good times as you move consciously with new intentions.




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