A portal to a new wave of stimulating energy opens up with March’s Super Full Moon in Libra. Simultaneously we have the assistance of The Spring Equinox, (when day and night on earth are approximately equal length as the sun’s traverses the equator). This powerful earth and cosmic energy helps to set the stage for incredible shifts, changes, and a deeper awareness of our inner power. In order to integrate your inner truth the universe and this Super Moon energy may be waking you up through feelings of edginess, irritability, and itchiness expressing itself through your emotions! This intense energy has expressed itself in me like I want to jump out of my skin. Very powerful stuff and fabulous cues to keep us awake and connected….

When we have these wake up calls it is so important not to numb out, even if — and especially when — it’s uncomfortable. Your body, mind, and heart are preparing for change. In order to welcome the new we must purge and release the old for a fresh new start. The Full Moon in Libra is about looking at our relationships while reflecting and reevaluating what is and what is not working for us. Basically we are given an opportunity to evaluate all things in our life and to accept change or not.

The universe is assisting us with March falling at zero degrees during the equinox. Zero is the number of infinite potential for a new chapter in our lives. These higher realms of consciousness create magical states of being to manifest our inner light.

SUGGESTION: Listen to the heart beat of the earth and universe as these changes occur. They can affect us more than you think, be aware of your own potential shifts. Listen to your own conversations, challenge yourself by asking the question, do I need this in my life anymore? How can I share and speak my inner truth if I don’t trust it?! Heal the wounded healer in yourself and let go to embrace a new energy for revolution and growth. Let the spring earth energy blossom and integrate as it shines a light on your inner love and strength…




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