Just in time for the Holiday Season, this Full Moon is all about positive and nurturing energy! The Full Moon in Cancer nourishes the emotional and sensitive parts of ourselves — allowing for the natural expression of love to be shared in our closest relationships… where we can hum with joy and dance with glee.

You might be surprised by an experience, like a chance encounter that inspires a new love interest, inspiration for a new business idea, or connecting with a person that will support what you have been working on in 2018. This full moon is a welcome change from the last two moon phases that dealt more with hostility and anger. We can now move away from that and embrace new opportunities.

2018 has been a year of healing and reflecting! The significant retrogrades and strange planetary shifts caused us to go within, clear out the old, and reflect on who we are and where we want to be. Now we can celebrate how far we have come and embrace the New Year while being more connected to our essence. (Look out for my book soon in 2019, Emergence: Reveal Your Essence.)

SUGGESTION: Be open-minded and follow your intuition about any unexpected opportunities that arise. Pay attention to your dreams and what is presented to you. The information you receive might assist you in releasing old energies at the same time support and integrate your new set of goals for the coming year. Welcome a new attitude that could bring people in your life — that may lead towards some pleasant surprises with your career, finances, or love life.

Happy Holidays!




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