🌕 Full Moon in Gemini November 23rd: Think before you speak!

Full Moon in Gemini highlights opposing forces or polarities in your life. The full moon lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak during this two week period until December 7th. Remember if you start feeling these energies before the actual full moon you are not crazy! Our senses are heightened four days before and four days after. When the moon is in Gemini there is a need to express our emotions intellectually, however this full moon takes place with a lot of other planetary energies and aspects that bring forth excess and emotional overreaction. Be aware, think before you react, or speak… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Try not to be distracted by emotional turmoil and respond by saying something you shouldn’t have said. Instead, use your subconscious energy and instinct to analyze what you are observing before responding. This heightened confrontational energy could be confusing when others may be drawn to gossip as the absolute truth. Step away, move your body, meditate, use lavender oils, don’t get bogged down with exaggerations, verbal conflicts, or tensions that don’t serve you.

SUGGESTION: Use this time to examine with a keen eye and look at the situation objectively. Express your needs and wants without emotional involvement and clear up any misunderstandings.

It’s a good time to practice patience and self control. Maintain flexibility as you focus on finishing the creative project you began two weeks ago during the new moon lunar phase.




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