New Moon in Scorpio is all about setting a new intention with renewed spiritual connection and psychological empowerment. A New Moon is when the sun and moon come together at the same place in the sky combining the lunar and solar energies. This particular combination intensifies the intuitive lunar consciousness with the creative energy initiated from the sun. When this occurs there is potential for an increase in emotional stamina to create the boost needed for powerful change and transformation.

The work that we have done with the previous full moons can now gracefully unfold with ease to manifest our highest purpose. Through emotional awareness — we can use

this time to empower our ideas with fresh new energy in our personal and professional lives. Remember to stay connected to the concept of self improvement with sensitivity and compassion to heal old wounds in relationship to yourself and others.

SUGGESTION: Even in this time of social unrest, remember to expand your awareness and imagination so you can rely on yourself. Listen to your inner compass while using source to connect to the divine within.

This inspiring energy can help cultivate new relationships with family and friends — creating more meaning, joy and purpose. It’s a good time to use your knowledge, to teach, publish, and increase interest in your studies.



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