🌕 Full Moon in Taurus October 24th: Stay Grounded in the Emotional Turmoil

The events that began two weeks ago with the New Moon have been culminating and are now reaching their climax. This tension is charged with the questions: “Are you going to conclude successfully with what you started?Are we looking at what needs to be corrected?” This full moon in Taurus also brings emotional complexity in our relationships causing a feeling of instability. The complexity lies in this stacked up energy of our egotistical expression of wanting control and security in a relationship while at the same time wanting our freedom from control in relationships. On top of that — the sensual energy of Taurus is in opposition to the Venus retrograde in sexually charged Scorpio… be aware of your deviant side.

This disruptive energy is here to challenge us as we face the storm of turmoil in our individual lives. You may see this not just in your personal lives but in the weather, political and social arenas. What is the lesson here? Will you use this energy constructively to wisely release your pent-up emotions or be caught in the drama of our eruptive emotions?

SUGGESTION(S): Utilize the stabilizing and grounding energy of Taurus to become aware of what triggers are showing up for you — observe them —rather than react and find calm in the storm. Stay connected by taking a walk in nature and ask yourself the question, “How do I find my calm and what do I do to get it?” Focus your energy on finishing or completing a project that will be emotionally rewarding from perseverance through the challenges endured.




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