🌕 Full Moon in Aries September 24th: Finish Line

Time to take action and finish off the intense dance we have been doing since May with the September Full Moon in Aries. This motivating energy is here to assist us in tidying up loose ends, helping us to organize and bring forth clarity and confidence to cross the finish line lighter by letting go of unnecessary baggage.

This new found clarity of your highest destiny will be extremely healing to motivate the next phase of actualizing authenticity as you continue to carve out your own creative path. Following your truth and instinct will bring more freedom from your hearts desire.

SUGGESTION: Fuel the fire within to reach the finish line and celebrate the lessons learnt! Continue to beat to the rhythm of your own drum.

Welcoming the Equinox on September 22nd brings forth a different tone and resonance as nature provides a change of season. This is a good time to tap into higher levels of information as the veil is thinner to receive intuitive messages. Stay awake to what is around you, it could be very informative. Enjoy.




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