🌕 Full Moon in Pisces: Infinite Possibilities... If we tune in.

Full moon in Pisces deals with emotions and how we express them in a full moon capacity by letting go in a way that is fair in love. If we can tune in to what the energy is offering we can stay balanced. Remember, we are still in the effects of seven planets in retrograde. Now is a time of questioning while not launching, just yet. Use this opportunity to re-evaluate where you are and what you are doing.

The intensity of the eclipses are still present, so watch your emotions and responses. Now is a time of completion in relationships and projects. Where might there be too much control in a relationship with a fight for power, manipulation, or subject to negative influences? If you witness this, can you move out of the controlling grip to find your balance?

SUGGESTION: Perhaps meditation may aid you in allowing the overwhelming feeling to be released.

The radiant full moon is shining a light on the infinite source of creation. Allow yourself to experience the magic of your imagination where infinite possibilities exist including the dreams you desire. The possibility of your dreams manifesting cannot occur without doing the necessary emotional work. Continue to support your self-worth by anchoring these ideas with divine intelligence. Set the intention and unleash these ideas during the last days of August.




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