This is the second full moon in March, and the second Blue Moon (two full moons in a month) this year! A rarity happening only a few times a century, making this time even more magical! With the Blue Moon in Libra, energy is focused through harmony in our partnerships, relationships and life.

The intensity of the full moon energy shines a light on any discord or areas that need to be revisited for new discoveries regarding communication. With the assistance of Mercury Retrograde - anything we might impulsively want to blurt out can be caught just in time, if inward focus is maintained we can stop the urge, before putting our foot in our mouth…. [See March 2018 New Moon Post: Patience, Timing and Purpose for more on inward focus and Mercury Retrograde.]

Suggestion: If you can integrate this accelerated spring energy from the vitality of Aries while putting the breaks on, there is an opportunity to finish projects, have closure, or revaluate relationships that aren’t working for you. How are you using your power?

In numerology, the month of March falls under the vibration of number three which deals with communication, truth and total alignment of mind, body and spirit! Great things may happen if you stay focused and centered on what really matters to you. Clean the decks for a fresh new start during the New Moon on April 17th.

2018 is a very magical year and March is a pivotal month bringing lots of change and awakenings. Stay awake and use this disciplined action to further your own discoveries. Remember - each of us can change our patterns by changing our thoughts to create what we want to better our lives. Being conscious is fuel for change…Tune in and sync into universal flow! Positive, peaceful, and loving thoughts are calling to be embraced to make a collective shift for change.

Peace… Love Fran


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