🌕 FULL MOON - A Cry To Manifest

Full Moon on January 31st, 2017


On January 31st, for the first time in 150 years there will be a double full moon (blue moon) and a full lunar eclipse (blood moon) in the same month bringing emphasis (more pressure) to the myth of the howling wolf!

According to Farmers Almanac, the wolf howls or cries to communicate to other wolves! Observe the picture, and imagine how this feeling may resonate within you.

Eclipses come in cycles, this Super Moon Eclipse is linked to the eclipse back in February and August of 2017. Utilizing and connecting to the themes and lessons from these eclipses can now bring resolve to what has been brewing, bringing them closer to manifestation.

Let go, wake up and allow the lesson(s) to show up and receive what you need to learn as you fold it into all the other lessons!

Full Moon represents emotions, so the intensity of this super moon may stir up some insecurities pushing fears-dreams and truth to the surface. A perfect opportunity to listen to the cry of the wolf as it echoes through your deep doubts; will you acknowledge any lingering resistance that stands in the way of you ultimately expressing your truth to create the significant change you desire?

Put your best foot forward in your body, heart and soul, and ride this wave of emotional release. Heal the wounded heart as you regenerate it with these words, "YES, I AM READY!" Embrace the potential for a new state of being with confidence to manifest what you truly desire for the next 6 months.

SUGGESTION: Take action expressing your uniqueness while surrendering to the universal flow! Allow your desire to expand and share it to bring forth emotional fulfillment, contributing to global change.

Watch for more equal rights as the feminine, intuitive voice of wisdom arises in all of us




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