🌑 New Moon - Love and Harmony

This new moon energy provides a sizzling burst of energy in all aspects of your life with an underlying current of peace, love, and harmony. Using this action packed energy you can finish up projects you started 5 months ago while at the same time you can create an adventurous new one!

The formula for SUCCESS is at hand!

Whether you are projecting passion towards a romantic relationship or pursuing an artistic creative project - fuel it with trust, compassion, and instinct. Without the illumination of the sun, we bank on our instincts. It’s important to listen to our bodies while having faith in our gut. BELIEVE!

Suggestion: Take a look at progressive ideas and conservative traditions. What will cancel out to support and blend both sides and their best aspects? Observe! How can this apply to your own life? Watch for any outstanding issues that won't go away until you resolve them! See if you can look at both sides and let go of what is not working for you. Cue! CLEAR KARMA!

Ultimately, like Mother Nature use the balanced energy to create

harmony and utilize the speed of Mercury for action with authentic power while nurturing yourself, your relationships, and your goals. Maintain flexibility to adapt to any necessary changes that will benefit your success! Relish and enjoy this focused energy for the next couple of weeks before the 🌕Full Moon on the 31st of January. FOCUS!

Peace and Love,



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