🌑 NEW MOON - Aim High

This New Moon cycle is in Sagittarius, the fire sign! Fire energy can stoke the faith in your new vision and ignite what you have been wishing for in 2017!

It’s time to focus on your psychic abilities, your personal truth, and belief in your goals. It’s time to fan the flame and express what you truly want.

Observe the self doubt and the inner critic, don’t let it move you away from your true passion. Use this time to notice what matters to you and to not let others persuade you differently.

The Sagittarius sign is the archer - AIM HIGH! December 16th to the 20th is the most beneficial time to concentrate on your wish list from 2017.

Suggestion: Write your thoughts down and immerse yourself in this energy throughout your entire body. Imagine that you are connecting the dots to your loyal dream by keeping a sharp eye precisely on the target. Shoot with conviction.

Enjoy this positive exhilarating energy and carry it to the next full moon (January 2) to manifest it even further in 2018.

Adopting this glorious and abundant energy for the holidays will attract adventure and fun! Bring your inner fire 🔥 and initiate the joy and watch what happens!

Happy Holidays!




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