🌕 Full Moon - PAUSE!

SHEVA_Pause_Swinging in the Moment.

December 3rd, 2017 - Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde

Can you pause amongst the chaos of the extreme energies the full moon and retrograde are bringing us this December?

Suggestion: Stay focused on what means the most to you and use your intuition and keen eye to recognize those that may steer towards the dark side and take advantage of a situation. Be clever as a fox that sees clearly what is being hidden.

Using this wisdom, it is a great time to embrace mental and emotional flexibility, as you might find yourself being pulled in opposite directions. Indecisiveness is a cue. It’s OK to step back, regroup, and not jump into unsteady waters. Along with this unsteadiness you may be experiencing some breakthroughs that could be inspiring, or unnerving!

Take notes….


Enjoy the challenge, play fair, have faith in yourself and your goals. Stay connected to your community, express love and bring that spirit to the table to share in this time of need!

Happy Holidays!

Love, Fran

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