🌕 FULL MOON - The Magical Mystery Tour

Full Moon - November 4th, 2017

Wow, Magical Mystery Tour what does that mean?

By investigating your open mindedness you may discover flexibility around disappointment! If we can use this good luck energy from the past new moon and apply it to the intuitive connection at hand with God and Nature encouraging our sensitivity to our work life balance... then the magic can begin!

This is an opportune time to connect with your psychic awareness creating a deeper meaning of authentic love in your personal relationships.

A sensuous and empathic full moon. Use it wisely and embellish in this thirst at the same time. Don’t smother partners or children! There is a natural flow of creative and healing energy at your fingertips, how are you going to use it?

Suggestion: Use this mystical energy positively by fine tuning your intuition with yourself and others while accessing a plethora of creativity and potential invention! How cool is this….



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