🌑 New Moon - Utilize good luck energy...

New Moon October 19th Utilizing this good luck energy through balance!

October 19th New Moon falls in the sign Libra, representing, “the keeper of the scales” meaning we are urged to find balance among whatever chaos pulls us off our equilibrium. The key is flexibility and intuitive awareness while adapting to any unexpected changes.

If you are feeling restless and jumpy watch for impulsive behavior, or making any emotional based decisions that could turn a minor drama into major chaos. Take a breath and trust your heart and mind collaboration for balance.

This October New Moon’s theme is also about Good Luck! The opportunity could arise to embrace unexpecte

d changes with common sense and use it for your benefit. With this new moon energy you can plant new seeds for success honoring and building on the goals you have already created.

Have at it, go forward embellish in this new moon energy for the next four weeks with grace, style, and balance!




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