Are you ready to use your energy more

effectively and efficiently to live in greater harmony

and alignment each day?

New Client? 
Before booking a session with Fran, schedule a brief (10-15 minute) complimentary phone consultation to see if working together is a fit. 
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Body Alignment

What's your body telling you?

Energy affects our bodies...


...when it is out of sync, a myriad of symptoms can physically manifest in our bodies.


These in person sessions are designed from the SHEVA Method  to realign the body and the chakra system. This is done through specific body movements with a mat and roller. 

Chakra Balancing

What's out of alignment?

An approach to connect and align the body, heart and spirit that is...

beyond movement and words to connect at a deeper energetic level.

Fran uses her clairvoyance while you relax laying on a table to kinetically balance the chakras to harmoniously connect with your essence.


What do you want to change?

We are affected and impacted by energy in every aspect of our lives. When we feel stuck our energy isn't flowing. A consulting/coaching session can be done in person or over the phone to experience more freedom through...

examining the energy together


... allowing oneself to recognize their own energy and how it flows utilizing various practices and techniques including the enneagram of personalities.


What's missing?

The culture of an organization depends on each individual showing up present, aware, and connected to the core purpose/mission. By providing practical tools that are easy to implement and immediately provide an experience of the possibility to...

shift the energy 


... individually and collectively to re-align with clarity, connection, and collaboration towards the core purpose/ mission. 


Group Classes & Workshops

Experience Synergy

Explore opportunities to collaborate with others through The SHEVA Method.