The SHEVA Method has a myriad of applications

for dancers to experience energy through:

Movement | Body Alignment | Energy Healing | Meditation

which enables the dancer to connect with their heart and soul, furthering their capability to engage the heart and soul of the audience.

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EMERGENCE offers an opportunity to understand your energy. Click to read a sample of how the SHEVA Method can help you emerge grounded each day.

As an option, you can provide your participants with a copy of the book to take home and continue to benefit from for years to come.

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    Engaging the Body to Heal the Mind

    Through connecting with our bodies, we can experience harmony of mind, body, and spirit.

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    Establishing an Efficient & Effective Environment

    Awareness of energy is key to productivity.

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    Experiencing the Side Effects of Energetic Awareness

    As a health care provider, it's imperative to be able to help patients return to a states of harmony to heal from their disease while maintaining your own health.

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    Expressing the Essence of Energy

    Connecting to your heart and soul, to connect to the heart and soul of the audience.

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