Everything is energy, think of energy as movement, much like dance we can shift the energies in our daily lives to empower a deeper connection to our body, mind, heart, and spirit. Emergence offers an opportunity to experience less resistance in manifesting what you truly desire. Understanding your own energy helps to rediscover who you are, who you have been and which direction you might be going. Fran Bailey compassionately guides you through specific exercises to reveal your essence and discover the divine within by embracing the sacredness in all you have experienced. Are you ready to emerge gracefully and unveil the mystery, magic and miracles that life has to offer?


Fran has presented a very complete and clear explanation of energy within humans and how to enhance that energy so that we can heal and fulfill our purpose, whatever that may be. Through this easy-to-read book and the meditation it outlines, we can understand ourselves, our energy and our connection to all living things.


—Dotty Shaffer, M.D. Director of Full Spectrum Health,

Cincinnati, Ohio


Having the spiritual freedom to create with the wisdom of the mind and body is what Fran Bailey offers with complete support, joy and laughter while nurturing one’s passion.

—Bob Foltz, retired professional dancer,

The Netherlands


Fran Bailey is a woman of remarkable skills and qualities. At first meeting, you are drawn to her by the warmth and charm she exudes. As you get to know her, however, you begin to realize there is so much more to her. . . a soul and spirit that pervades everything she does. This book is a true expression of Fran’s fundamental approach to all things in life—creativity, healing, confidence, love. Every page of Emergence reflects the essence of her teachings, her beliefs and how she practices her daily life. For the reader, Emergence presents an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the world and your place in it.

—Dennis Barrie, museum consultant,

Cleveland, Ohio

EMERGENCE: Reveal Your Essence