"Hi Fran! Thank you again! My neck is still tender but I felt so much positive energy and emotional relief that getting through the show last evening was quite easeful. My neck is definitely freeing up though! It was such a blessing to work with you. "

 - Jenna, Dancer for Bill T. Jones, 2015

""In her technique, Fran uses acupressure points and chakra centers, movement and gesture, posture and focus, with the ultimate effect of enhancing function and enhancing awareness of self as both a core of flesh (bone, muscle, sinew) and a field of energy. I certainly enjoyed the experience."

- Dr. Susy Kramer, Medical Acupuncture, July 2016



"… from the dancing trees and muted horizon to pure white candles, pink roses, fire place warmth, energizing spinach salad & nuts, your centeredness Fran, gentle but targeted stretching, safe & free movement, grounding, releasing, imaging - such strong & poignant images! Links to my past, and pathways to my future are alive and present, but the here and now, the dantien (sp) have been strong. Thank you.” 

- Workshop Participant, January 2016


"WOW!  That was something!  What a wonderful group of women with such energy to truly appreciate the work that you do (so well) and we reap the benefits! Feeling the Love for sure!!”

- Workshop Participant, January 2016


" I realized how much I needed that once I was there. Wow, how we neglect ourselves and sometimes only realize it when we decide to maybe take a workshop that someone has suggested."

- Workshop Participant, January 2016




"There is not just mystery and beauty, discovery and elation, in the work of the meditation student. Very important is the keen understanding of the discipline that goes into the effort. This is the true and most fruitful work of those who would pursue the path, and this is the part that requires the most dedication. Fran lives this in her daily life and in all that she embraces. This discipline in her life is her greatest offering to her students!"

- Maura




"Fran: teacher, guide, healer. Wherever you are on your journey through life towards the light, Fran will gently, yet firmly, encourage you to take one step and then another on your unique path to freer movement, better health, a quieting of the mind, and a strengthening of the spirit."

- Drew



"Dancing intimately with the body/soul/mind experience

touches the authentic relationship

to yourself and the world."  

"A few years ago a key staff member in our business became ill and eventually died. Because she was also a dear friend, her death sent all of us in the organization into a state of questioning and feeling a loss of direction. Fran began working with us as a group, helping to resolve our grief both individually and as an organization. She guided us through our exploration of re-defining who we are and our collective goals for the organization. Her meditations and ability to understand us energetically gave us a new and deeper understanding of ourselves and each other."

- Tom D'Erminio, Co-Director, The Affinity Center




"Fran was a key part of my healing process. I was very ill for a number of years when I met Fran. Initially, Fran did energy work on me which was a very powerful experience. After multiple sessions, we decided that developing meditation skills would be beneficial for my healing process. I have worked with her on developing those skills for many years, which in short has proven to be essential in establishing personal boundaries and finding my authentic self and place in the world allowing me to heal. She is kind, compassionate and very intuitive. It would be hard to find a way to repay Fran for all that she has done to help me on my path."

- Morgan




"Thank you for the beautiful experiences we are having together!  The heavens were looking after me the day we re-encountered each other.  You could see that I had physical issues with my shoulder, and diagnosed that issue accurately before the MRI.  More significantly, we discovered together the energies that were blocked and how to heal them.  Afterwards you provided beautiful and productive energy work sessions for me.  Through energy scans, visualizations and meditations, and your hands on healing, we have resolved energy blocks on physical-etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  I feel surrounded and blessed every moment we spend together.  You have helped me to ground and clear my energy, and to stay centered.  I happily and highly recommend you to others seeking your services.
Love you!"

- Marcia