Fran Bailey - Author, Teacher, Dancer and Healer has been offering classes in person for over a decade and for the first time ever, has adapted The SHEVA Method into an online series. Now you can relax your mind, restore your body, and rejuvenate your spirit at home (or wherever you are) with INNERLink.



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Discover your natural rhythm.

Embrace Self-Love
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The Fourth Chakra

An interactive experience, INNERLink assists in harmonizing your mind, body, heart and spirit through energy centers in the body, known as chakras. In Emergence, each chakra is investigated individually in regards to it's function and impact on our well-being. An extension to the book, this virtual series offers a map to stimulate emergence with Fran as your guide online throughout the process.


INNERLink is a multi-dimensional approach which includes movement to activate the body and meditation to still the mind. You can choose the path that works best for you right now, whether you're needing to move or meditate or both. The intention of this approach is to create an experience 

in which you can identify and understand your own energy in order to live in more harmony each day.

Tap into your body's energy. 

A unique combination restores flow.



Precise gestures tap into the meridians while specific movements aid in moving stagnant energy through the body. As an intentionally designed sequence, it fluidly activates and stimulates the chakras to balance the energy within the body. Fran choreographs each session uniquely for the participants. 

When there is flow, there is freedom.


the body’s intelligence.

Learn how to move out of mental chatter and attune to the language of the body.


the body’s energy centers.

Tap into the chakras, meridians, and energy centers to restore flow.


the body’s natural rhythm.

Use your intuition to integrate and align your energy in body, mind, and heart.

Are you ready to roll?

To get the most out of the body work, a roller is used extensively throughout. 


You'll love this!


It's important to have the proper size to trigger the accu-pressure points with the movement.

Quiet the mind.

Listen to the wisdom of the body.



These meditations allow the process of self-healing to unfold. Throughout the series you will be provided with tools to release negative energies like fear, anxiety, anger and sadness.

As you let go of these emotions and rejuvenate with positive energy you will connect to the divine within.


the physical body.

Overview of the physical, mental and spiritual collaboration with attention to grounding the first and second chakras.


to love of self.

Identifying ego’s resistance to embracing unconditional love.


to your higher self.

Embracing the soul connection as you integrate the body, heart and mind.

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