The most appropriate approach for each client will be for their highest good, and may differ accordingly. It is best determined through communication with Fran prior to the session. Fran offers sessions through:


Hands-On Work

   From her feet to her hands, the energy healing gift is intuited with skill while the client is seated, or on the table.


Distance Healing

   Sessions can be accessed via the telephone to tap into deeper realms.


Group Workshops

    In any group, a specific energy dynamic is created and held as Sacred space. Individuals may choose to explore reactions to life situations from a psychological, energetic and/or emotional perspective. As a result, patterns may emerge that could be changed to serve one's greater good. The work is always offered with great love and humor. 


Business Consulting

    Great for companies undergoing a big shift such as:

- power/authority shifts

- the passing of a co-worker

- turmoil or chaotic energy

Fran offers a new perspective on what might be absent. She works consciously with the client to unlock any resistance to clear energetic obstacles and assists in returning the creative flow to the working environment.


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"Part of the divine self discovery

is being in the divine energy

that each individual creates.

Through discipline and will power,

the divine energy unfolds for all to see.

Faith develops through self trust and soul respect.

As the world is changing ~

our identity is changing.

To stay on the path

we must trust

without fear of the unknown."