"Love, acceptance, letting go...

...the essences of what it means to be human. Yet, the misalignment of these concepts leads to endless human suffering. Fran Bailey, through her passionate SHEVA approach, adeptly teaches us how to begin to re-align our energies, cultivate our creativity and believe in our intuition. Particularly relevant today, this enlightening book is a must read."

John Sacco, MD, core faculty at University of Cincinnati Center for Integrative Health and Wellness, Cincinnati, Ohio

Can we maintain a sense of awe as we experience the mystery of life and it’s challenges, while facing the good, the bad, and the ugly?

- excerpt from Emergence

...and you have the power to shift energy in order to create the changes you need or want to make.

Everything is energy...

Being in a state of wonder is the impetus for where this book begins. With wonder as a stimulus and foundation for discovery, we can have a deeper understanding of our experiences in the flow of life.

"Anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of themselves will find Emergence appealing and approachable."

Itaal Shur, Grammy Award-winning composer and musician