"It's pretty simple. I love this class. Fran is a creative genius who gets you exploring multiple dimensions of personal awareness through her body/mind practices. There is nothing like this class anywhere. You will soar."

-D.K., August 2013


Are you interested in exploring your own personal expression through dance, but you don't want to do it in a group setting?


Private Dance Classes

are available for $60/hr. Please contact me for more info.




New date to be announced soon. 

The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum
3738 Eastern Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45226

Cost: $30

(Please contact Fran directly to register:


or call 513-317-3486)

The SHEVA Method™️ is a moving meditation with music that releases stagnant energy in the body, rejuvenates the mind, replenishes the spirit, and restores a natural harmonious flow. 

This intensive is designed to complement the online SHEVA LIVE sessions to provide a more in depth experience about the specific technique with the method to enhance the process. WE WILL HAVE FUN...


An exploration into purpose and reason as it pertains to you individually while at the same time experience the group energy and how it affects you personally.

Additionally, this is an opportunity for you to ask questions about how The Method has impacted you as well as get clarification. 

Overall there will be a deeper mediation and clearing. 


On the New & Full Moon


at Turner Farm

Thursday, April 13th

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM


The second in the four-part Lunch and Learn series at Turner Farm in Indian Hill. Visit the Turner Farm website for registration and more details:

Developing Trust in the Personal Path:

with Fran Bailey and Gary Hutchinson

By Donation!

Contact Fran

for location, dates & fees.


or call Fran at 513-317-3486


With you - We are trusting the process. 

With you - We want to join in process. 

Personal - yet communal - we join together and create something utterly unique.

"Dismantling our defenses and resistance - venturing from our comfort zone."

"Making our strategies permeable so that it includes possibilities."


Gary and Fran will use the Enneagram to help us understand our personal ego and hindrances. We will provide a space to develop a personal customized strategy that accesses creative possibilities to expand your own beliefs and behaviors. This is an intimate journey in the sanctity of community.


Facilitators Fran Bailey and Gary Hutchinson are certified enneagram teachers with very different backgrounds. Fran is an experienced healer. She facilitates her own workshops and teachings. And emphasizes the metaphysical approach through meditation and the psychic/psychology approach. Gary is an experienced trainer/facilitator with a major local corporation. His focus is leadership, coaching, and spiritual realization using the enneagram.

Guided Meditation Group Classes

with Fran

2017 Fall/Winter Schedule



Meets on the following Wednesday's every other month from 4 PM - 6 PM

January 11th

March 8th

April 19th (added)

May 17th (date changed)

June 7th


Meets on the following Thursday's twice a month from

11 AM - 1 PM

January 12th & 26th

February 2nd & 23rd

March 9th & 23rd

April 6th & 27th

May 11th & 25th

Space is limited.


Contact Fran directly for inquiries or to register:


or call 513 317-3486



Goals for Higher Consciousness:

7 Ways!


Emotional Intelligence:

The Body's Translation

Bring awareness to habitual negative thoughts and how it effects our health. Learn how to develop positive tools to increase energy flow and vitality for life


What is Harmony to You?

"I have taught you a very difficult path, which is the path of self-responsibility. This path is not easy because there is no room for the victim in it, even if you really have endured suffering in your past."

-Sri Prem Baba


Energetic Shifts from Fear to Courage

Tools to create courage in place of fear, and have the freedom to walk in unchartered ground


Personal Hearts Desire in Current Time

Every individual has a wealth of information, how lucky we are to play with what is most important to us


Living in the Light of Compassion

Hearing, feeling and knowing truth through the Heart Chakra