It is about...


finding your energy

matching pictures

matching energies

separating your energies


being present

being in current time

pleasure / pain

body consciousness

being conscious

personality awareness

soul / personality connection

probable change

behavioral change

letting go of perfect pictures

looking at resistance

creative energies


love and compassion


What it is...

September 14th, 2017

New Moon September 20th

Integrating a New Beginning

The new moon on Wednesday September

20th, 2017 continues with the theme of

change that began with the total solar

eclipse August 21. The intent of the new

moon in September is to allow for any

alterations and adjustments to your long

term goals and apply them. This new moon

energy will remind you of some deep

seeded wound that you have experienced

and brings it to the forefront so you can

focus on the healing process. Just like

Mother Nature serving us dramatic

environmental changes that we must

adapt to, expect the unexpected. Be

conscious and aware of what is in front

of you so you can make the shifts that are

required as you move forward toward your

new hopes and dreams.


The new moon is all about making a fresh start, addressing old habits and behaviors and ask the question are these habits in alignment with the progress I want to make toward my long term goals. This September 20th new moon influence lasts for four weeks. Best time to initiate and integrate a new project would be the first two weeks of this cycle leading into the October 5th full moon. Folding this new energy into you’re existing goal will only bring a stronger foundation as we end one cycle and begin another.



New Beginning

Corn Moon

September 1st, 2017

The Full Corn Moon, September 6th Use your Inner Strength and Intuition! 

During this full moon cycle emotions and instincts reach their peak, use your inner strength to overcome any challenges. What might those challenges be? If there seems to be confusion, deception, sneakiness in your personal, or business life stay connected to your goals. Make any emotional adjustments to implement the intention you set during the solar eclipse! Be aware of this murky energy coming from you, or others. Try to persist in black and white thinking and avoid any gray area, or persuasion of doubt. If there is vagueness, or emotional sensitivity let it float by. Mercury Retrograde is coming to a close on the 5th of September, a time of reflection, it is now time to act, move forward and create harmony around what you are seeking!

Love, Fran

Solar Eclipse

AUGUST 15th, 2017


New Moon Creative Energy with a twist, Mercury Retrograde and Solar Eclipse! Wow!

Focus on the energy at hand and consider the option of looking at your own shadow and reflection all at the same time! 

Slow Down!

Maybe put some creative energy in shifting what may be hiding, or lurking underneath that keeps you from remembering your foundation! 

This massive natural energy that we can all witness, or experience could make some incredible changes in ourselves and our communities if we allow the energy to silence us for just a moment and embrace the possibilities to unfold without fear, or doubt. 

If we can embrace the natural beauty in ourselves and each other, that creative energy is in flow as nature intended.


Read this aloud: “Is it not easier to understand why we are here when we are out of resistance and in flow with the natural process?”

Where there is shadow there is light!