In 2002, Fran started  SHEVA , an acronym for her core beliefs in "Seeking Harmony in Energy, Voice and Action." Fran's work integrates the spiritual, psychological and physical consciousness through the exploration of various techniques ultimately leading to the joyful experience of the Self.

As a child, Fran’s world was surrounded in music, dance, singing and believing in positive thought and philosophy. Her connection with the metaphysical world was a natural state of being. She started at the age of 4 dancing in a barn with a ballet barre she could never reach, but it didn’t matter ~ she was hooked. There was something about expressing emotions, moving energy with her body that fit like a glove.


Fran went on to receive a BFA in dance, and for many years performed, choreographed, and taught children, adults, private and group classes. Fran still performs when she gets the chance.


Her interest and training in energy healing started about 16 years ago, with world–renowned energy healer, Rosalyn L. Bruyere, thus connecting with the metaphysical aspect of her life. For twelve years Fran worked as an energy healer for the Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine under Drs. Steve and Sandi Amoils in Cincinnati, Ohio. Subsequently, Fran began developing her meditation and psychic skills with noted psychic healers John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher, authors of the definitive books Basic Psychic Development and Psychic Psychology.



Fran's additional work in the field includes five years as an energy consultant for the staff at The Affinity Center for ADD adult and children in Cincinnati, Ohio. Recently, through Deborah A. Ooten PhD, founder/director of The Conscious Living Center, Fran received her certification as an accredited Enneagram teacher and trainer.



Combining these skills into a method of teaching has been an ongoing goal for Fran. Her passion is to integrate all of these tools to open up the conscious mind, body and spirit. She integrates and offers her experience and skills to her clients and students through a variety of consultations in energy communication. Click here to read more.