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Seeking Harmony

A woman on a mission.

Fran has always been intuitive even as a child she could tap into the energy of others and psychic messages.

She fell in love with the healing arts and the artistic energy expression through dance. These passions led Fran to combine the spiritual and physical worlds to create The Sheva Method, a self-healing technique that unlocks the wisdom of the body.


After many years of being an energy healer, Fran recently published her book,Emergence, to share The Sheva Method with more people. Through the past Covid pandemic year Fran worked in her private studio to refine the Sheva Method and create a Sheva Method home study program through video. A program that you can learn at your own pace and practice when it is convenient for you.

Learn how to tap into the secrets of ancient wisdom with The SHEVA Method to experience harmony in every of area your life. With the all new online, at home SHEVA Experience, Fran will guide you through this innovative self-healing technique to restore flow in mind, body, heart and spirit.

About The Method with Fran

About The Method with Fran

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"The book moves quickly and, at just over a hundred pages, is a swift read. Readers interested in investigating the idea of energy centers in the body can take it all in, chapter by chapter, chakra by chakra, quite easily. And the guide’s overall positive nature (along with the brightly colored pages) makes the experience a pleasant one." 

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"Fran uses acupressure points and chakra centers, movement and gesture, posture and focus with the ultimate effect of enhancing function and enhancing awareness of self."
Dr. Susy Kramer
Medical Acupuncture