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"The book moves quickly and, at just over a hundred pages, is a swift read. Readers interested in investigating the idea of energy centers in the body can take it all in, chapter by chapter, chakra by chakra, quite easily. And the guide’s overall positive nature (along with the brightly colored pages) makes the experience a pleasant one." 

Kirkus Reviews

Expert in Energy
for Individuals, Group Instruction, 
Partnerships & Organizations 
"Fran was a key part of my healing process...
She is kind, compassionate, and very intuitive."

Everything is Energy. Awareness of our energy, is key to living in alignment with our desires and intentions. In my work, the focus is on what is needed in order for the energy to flow naturally while addressing the blocks, and the underlying reason behind their existence. 

​The SHEVA Method is an interactive experience for you to explore your energy by activating, stimulating and motivating your mind, body, and heart.

  • Release stagnant energy in the body.

  • Rejuvenate the mind.

  • Replenish the spirit. 

  • Restore a natural harmonious flow.

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